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English Summary

The Persecution and Murder of the European Jews by Nazi Germany, 1933-1945

The aim of the document collection “The Persecution and Murder of the European Jews by Nazi Germany, 1933–1945” is to publish a comprehensive range of central sources on the persecution of Jews during the Nazi period. Additionally, the edition can be seen as a written monument to the murdered Jews of Europe.

The edition in the German language will comprise 16 volumes divided up according to territory and chronology. The approximately 300 documents in each volume stem from archives all over the world; most of them will be published for the first time. The selection presents documents from the perpetrators, as well as testimonies of the victims and relevant material from third parties not directly involved. An extensive introduction at the beginning of each volume explains the context of the documents. The editorial board is responsible for the overall conception, the range of documents and the general editing of the volumes. Research and commentary are handled by experienced historians working in the field.

The editorial project is jointly administered by three institutions in Germany: the Federal Archives (Bundesarchiv), the Institute of Contemporary History Munich-Berlin (Institut für Zeitgeschichte) and the Department of Modern and Contemporary History at the University of Freiburg.

English translation project

Parallel to the publication of the edition in the German language, all 16 volumes will also be published consecutively in English, in order to ensure the widest possible dissemination of the document collection. A project team was set up in Berlin for this purpose in 2014. The English edition is compiled closely in line with the German original version. All documents are translated from the respective original language. The English edition is produced in collaboration with Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, and is funded by the German Research Foundation. The first volumes are scheduled to appear in 2016.

A short presentation of the document collection as PDF.